Madness ? nope this is something NEW!

2017-09-24 22:19:01 by Lubos

For more than month now i'm plaing around with something more Original but hell i have only prototype

thing is i combine  lots of things from my favourites movies and games.

I was about  to keep it  unrealeased  but since  i'm not sure about its design  .

it is combination of Madness Combat ,Thing-Thing and Bunny kill .

Full name for it now is : Mad Thing to kill



And little ART:



So what do you think? good ,bad ? Ideas are welcome and  i have little  bit of story write down(little bit of it comes from thing-thing >:B  )and i was thinking about do animation in 21 fps.

Hope you all like it ;)


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2017-09-25 05:41:12

Sure, give it a try!

Lubos responds:

d(⌒ー⌒) K


2017-10-04 13:41:49

Sounds pretty good!
About the FPS though, i think 24 should be a more appropriate choice.

Lubos responds:

bunny kill is actually in 21 fps so i wanna try that, but for now i'm making sprites and putting together over all story..(for now on maybe for episode 1) but that is a lot of work to do..


2017-10-05 10:50:29

Okay! Take your time, the movie will start constructing itself in a while.