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Ahh year older , i wanna talk about some things

Yea i know that it seems im mostly unactive but hear me out im not i just luking around (sadly).

yes i had few things prepare for solo project actually revived one (Red ark some of you call it train project) but i totally lost my mood for madness combat stuff why? :

  • -when new idea pops up from someone medess comunity seems instead of embrace it to buried it im dissapoint about that instead nearly copy stories of main series get attention i dont like that i would like to see more of like Kilroy madness or something more cinematic like Xionic madness
  • - Credit the artist ! oh my when i do something i say i wanna get only credited for my work i expect that i get credited! this is thing it takes away my desire to work on madness stuff . I know who credited me and who not i done few test last year i done few things sent around and guess what no credit at all ....... if i wanna do something i can do some damage but i wont im not that type of guy but hear me out i wont look in past but from now on i will make mess if i don't get credited.
  • -sprites i was about to relase sprites set for comunity but i won't ..... few words it was gonna be huge set for community and for new guys to get their hands on some quality sprites i will show some and say i was about to wisit really old set of sprites sets and give them fresh look (im talking about old set which u can find on nez-man site) so i plan end up with fla with huge viarety of weapons clothers ,hair styles ,masks ,face wear clothes and armors and lots of other assets but i don' belive that madness comunity deservs that anymore




i was working on asets for making streets and stuff replicating Thing-Thing style street


and Kyuri08 inspired Hank

iu_94593_2851418.jpgI could go on and on but i think it's unnecessary

so im working on different stuff

I call it Creator of Sin

mainly inspired by Gwain Saga and Day stone not much done in flash because i still working on design things and story script / story board


I think that's it for now see you soon on next adventure.


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