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Well progress and no progress at all (ಠ ∩ಠ)

Posted by Lubos - November 3rd, 2017

Well to start with things got some progress

Mad thing - write story of first episode down, guards sprites in progress and thinking about  over all environment how would look like... animation no progress

Red heaven metal squad (game)- i end up with  total look of contra  and thats not  what i want.....

Ryder revenge collab - -_-' ehmm . (u could tell me)

My work - IT SUCKS!!  i have minimum time when i have  it some one from my family  need something and i don't wanna be asshole....and  work one word   Amazon... -_-'  ლಠ益ಠ)ლ for now looking for  new work...( for these who ask i'm joiner/cabinet maker with graduation , 3 years joiner school and after that extension study,)

Life: Well  my best friend and i finally figure out  what we can do, so we prepare things for workshop and i need more time  that (ಠ ∩ಠ)


I wanna do some progress but  i have minimum time  and i feel like dried up and without energy...

that's all for now.....(¯﹃¯')

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Keep going and good luck for your projects !!!

Thx man

good luck, a věřím že ukážeš NĚJAKEJ progress

What is even a purpose of this Newgrounds account? Since 2009 to present, you didn't release any project or animation, besides some garbage tests, which look like an animation from 9 year old kiddo. Lots of promises and screens from some über cool sprite making, but all talk. I mean, if you are that lazy, or your day length is 16 hours, instead of 24 hours which means you are either in work, or you sleep, you should just delete this shameful account full of unfullfilled promises.

Well and what's your purpose? Begin toxic? listen up my fails isn't just mine but hardwere isues and and my stupidity to not save anywere else than my computer harddrive (yea few times broke and i lost my progress) or coruption of fla files that why i dont have most of sprites for madness.And my sprites? who gives me credit for sprites i've done i didn't see my name in credits for a long time...